All the Outtakes // Volume One

2014 is coming to a close and I have a folder bursting with hideous outtakes. Despite what my usual roll of polished photographs look like, there are those pre-shots of me trying to get into the groove by either posing in the Steve Urkel stance or contorting my face in an absurd way. I find the B roll to be much more compelling and usually comes closer to the real story rather than the fantasy that is blogging. This year has been especially fruitful in the blooper department and by popular demand, there will be four gratuitous instalments of my idiocy and my progressively darker eyebrows. Please enjoy.

 The Gold Rush 

 Slam Dunk


 Urban Adventurer

 Zig Zag

 Strange Dream

 Jean Genie

 Cold Front

 Got Silk?

 Chiquita Banana


The Blues Are Still Blue

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