Funny Face

Outfit // Cara Team T-Shirt - 11 Paris from Simons // skirt - Goodwill // Lovisa heels - Alexander Wang from Holt Renfrew // Kangaroo clutch - Goodwill 

The half bun is my hairstyle of choice these days, it's a more elegant version of my full on onion bun but doesn't give off the 'I've really given up on life' vibe. Pair that with a t shirt covered in funny face photos of my bold brow inspo, Cara, and I'm basically ready to take over any holiday party. JK I'm a bit of a wallflower. 

This skirt was a mad steal at $20 from Goodwill  - I bought it with the gold cone studs already in place; my guess is that it's a gem from the hair metal 80s. The Kangaroo clutch is another vintage steal I deemed too weird to leave behind.

And as always, I'm still holding on to bare legs despite the snow, the struggle is real. 

Photographs - Vickie Laliotis
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