All the Outtakes - Volume Three

Some people enjoy reviewing their favourite outfits but me, I like to take a look at my worst moments of the year captured on film as if I were a tabloid plotting my own demise. I invite you to revel in the badness of 2014:

Planet Hollywood // Edmonton
"Stand over there." I am a really pushy subject to photograph. I know this because of the volume of photographs capturing me giving directions or expressing dissatisfaction. 

Dream of Genie
Genie pants and a snotty face. My essence has been captured accurately here. A turd. 

September Style with Burton
The "a-ha" moment. Talk about a terrifying rubber face that I have. How do I manage to contort it in such unattractive looks? I will never know.

Amongst the Falling Leaves
They call me Crazy Eyes Karpetz!

Hot Plains Music Fest 2014

Coachella Day Three
Thank goodness this photo is blurry.

The Hamburglar
Brush my hair? I will not. 

Boot Up with Sorel & Nordstrom
Tip toe through the tulips like a mad woman

Leopard, Straw & Stripes
Get low in a lumpy dress

Spring as Fall
Nature. Ew. 

Culottes for the win.

In Bloom

Thanks so much for being a part of another ridiculous year over here at The Pretty Secrets! This has been a space that is forever evolving with me and will continue to do so in 2015. Geez, this is starting to sound like a farewell!  I assure you, I'm not going anywhere but definitely expect to see more stories and photography projects on here. I find personal style to be limiting sometimes; especially in -30 weather. There are only so many winter parka outfits I can churn out before this space becomes a snooze cruise. Also, feel free to let me know if there's anything you'd care to see more of as a reader - I'm always curious to know what you're interested in! Hit me in the comments section or email sandy [at] theprettysecrets [dot] com

I'm looking forward to another bizarro year with more style, beauty, vintage, music, travel, and whatever else happens to come my way. 

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