Halfway to Crazy


OUTFIT // top - Campre // skirt, bangle, clutch - vintage // shoes - c/o Le Chateau // sunglasses - Spitfire

Well that was a much needed unintended hiatus. I've been busy getting my life in order for the new year. I finally purchased paint and began prepping my condo for a makeover (the previous owner seemed to love a 90s colour palette of wine, chocolate, and tan. Barf) which I can't wait to share with all of you eventually! Other than that, I practiced the art of deception while helping to throw a surprise party for my boyfriend's birthday which even included a gift of fake tanning minutes just to start the evening off on a really weird note. 

The weather has been crazy good here and I've definitely been taking every advantage of it but I'm happy to say a proper vacation is on the horizon! I'll be in Los Angeles next month for a much needed break from the current snow globe I reside in. If you have any hot travel tips I would love to hear them!

Photographs - Michael Borchert
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