Rookie Yearbook Three


Rookie Yearbook Three c/o Razorbill // Penguin Canada

I've had a backlog of books I've begun reading and then put on hold during the holidays but I have made some real progress this past month. Rookie Yearbook 3 was a highly anticipated addition to my list and I leisurely read it over the past couple of months. 

When I'm not taking Tavi Gevinson's advice to "Just be Stevie Nicks" I'm immersing myself in the world of I always look forward to the fall when they compile the best of the website into a giant yearbook... and there's always additional content too. Now if only I could find the time to doodle over everything I own, create shrines, and take dreamy film photographs. Sigh.

Like most adults who take pleasure in reading Rookie, a large part of me wishes it had been around when I was younger; in other words... TAVI GEVINSON IS A GOLDEN GOD.

photographs - Sandy Joe
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