Year of the Turtle [neck]


OUTFIT // coat, barrette, turtleneck, necklace, bracelet - vintage // skull studs - c/o Thomas Sabo // Paradise Mine High Rise Skinny denim - c/o Aritzia // Newbury booties - Rag & Bone 

Shout out to my gal Rashell (who's style I deeply admire) for turning me on to turtlenecks which I'm positive will be my #1 2015 staple. For years I avoided them, feeling constricted whenever I tried to wear them which incidentally was often since my mom insisted on buying them in every colour much to my chagrin.  She just wanted me to love them as much as she did in her youth and I finally get it now; they're the best layering piece around. Forget about losing scarves, the turtleneck is a perpetual scarf!

I may have been hanging out on tumblr a little too much but I've really been inspired by old black and white photographs of 60s bombshells (read: Bridget Bardot etc) and have taken to wearing all black outfits (Shangri-La vibes) with my hair long, straight, and slightly curled at the end. It's easy, functional, and a little bit bad ass.

Speaking of tumblr, I'm new at it and so far enjoying the constant flow of cute gif's, vintage photographs. and general inspiration. I'm also looking for new accounts to follow so let me know if you're a 'tumblin too. My 50s bubblegum feed is The Pretty Secrets and my more 60s-70s rock 'n' roll groupiedom feed is Velvet Burnout.

Photographs - Audrey Karpetz
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