Big Chill

jacket - vintage // denim - levis thrifted // gazelle runners - Adidas 
sunglasses - The Row // lipstick + liner - Heroine c/o MAC

I try not to think about the fact that in England the crocuses are blooming and that the grass is green. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Edmonton keeps dipping into the negatives which in turn makes me negative; cause and effect in action. It doesn't help that both the heat source in my office and car simultaneously stopped working when the wind chill increased. I am currently writing this post in multiple layers of clothing (2 sweaters, infinity scarf, toque, hood, socks, slip ons, and two pairs of flannel pants). I'm lamenting the fact that I do not own gloves that allow me to type comfortably... that's actually starting to sound like a practical item to own right now. Somebody get me out of this polar vortexxxxxx!

Photographs - Michael Borchert
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