Cold // Casual

Regent Jacket - c/o Burton // sweater - thrifted // jeans - Element 
Milan reversible tote - c/o Sole Society // Gazelle runners - Adidas
lipstick / lip liner in Ruby Woo - c/o Mac Cosmetics

How pleased was I to return to wind chills and grey days? Not very. Edmonton has a very specific winter aesthetic and even after all of these years I can only appreciate it for the briefest of seconds - this is usually done while inside my home in layers of flannel. Speaking of home... I've spent the last couple weekends on home improvements with my beloved. It has mostly involved copious layers of white paint overtop a heinous red shade that the previous owners favoured. Hopefully more on that in the coming weeks. 

Lately I've been trying to dress more functionally as the weather is dictating smarter choices (the other option is to freeze... I'm sacrificing my ankles this time around). I would have to say these Adidas Gazelle's are probably the warmest winter sneaker I have found yet and they were a recent discovery at the bowels of my closet while reorganizing (see: home improvements). It must be the combination of suede and the thick sole that make them so cozy. 

Along with the functional vibe is the Milan carry-all leather tote from Sole Society that I can't get enough of. It holds my whole life at any given time and the handles are that perfect length that they create a sort of nook for my arm and the straps stay on my shoulder. There is nothing worse than a heavy wayward bag that keeps threatening to slip down your arm while you're carrying other things. Or maybe I'm just a bag lady that tries to carry too much at once? Nahhh. Bonus: it's also reversible so when I get tired of black (which will post likely be never) I can have a nude bag instead! 

Photographs - Vickie Laliotis
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