Supermarket Beauty

Grocery stores can be treasure troves for beauty products; the oil section in particular has a wide selection of possibilities. Here are my top shelf supermarket beauty products:


Anyone who knows me well, is aware of my love of Costco and this bizarro Egyptian Magic cream was a random purchase from there. A real wild card, I usually shy away from creams that come in pots; germs and what not. It's a very oily cream (the first ingredient is olive oil) so I only use it in the evenings but it leaves my skin feeling super soft in the morning. I will probably discontinue use once it starts warming up around here. The packaging is worth noting - so simple and AMAZING with "Peace", "love" and "blessings unto you." 

I purchased this day cream when I was having some weird skin issues and liked it so much that I always have it on hand. It's non-greasy, unscented, and great to use when your skin is irritated and you don't want to irritate it further with scents etc.


This is my winter moisturizer though I only use it in the evenings; it's very greasy as you would imagine, but it does wonders for the skin. 

I'm the type of person that get's their hair cut once a year or less. I maintain this system by oiling my hair but this requires planning your evenings accordingly. Forget about last minute plans once you have your hair in full oil treatment. Alternatively, it makes a great substitute for shaving cream.

I prefer Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil for blackheads and pimples. It dries them out completely so I use it with Complex 15. Also it cleans cuts so it's basically the best thing ever. 

This takes the redness out of skin around blemishes. It's also great for pimples too. This and tea tree oil are sort of interchangeable, however, this is odourless.


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