I recently discovered something about myself... I will travel for skincare. Glossier launched last fall to much (well deserved) hype but they still have yet to add Canada to their shipping list. Part of my decision to go to Palm Springs was knowing I had an American zip code I could send a package or two to. THIS WAS MY CHANCE! 

Not sure I existed without this. It's current home is desk side so I can mist my face every hour. This is the only scented product out of the 4 and it smells like rose heaven. 

A lightweight cream that make the texture of my skin ultra smooooooth. 

I've never been into tints or much cover up of any kind but I guess I was just waiting for this one to come into my life. It really evens out my skin (I have a bit of rosacea that drives me nuts on occasion) and it's super lightweight as well; I don't feel like I'm wearing an extra layer on my face. 

This is may take the place of my beloved Egyptian Magic. Not only is it super portable but it's varied in its function. Lips, cuticles, elbows, scratches are just a few of the recommended purposes. 

Check out the Glossier Phase 1 Set HERE. My only regret is not ordering the face masks [insert crying emoji]

Photographs - Sandy Joe
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