SNAPSHOTS: Coachella Day One


Charlotte Romper c/o Gentle Fawn // Betty Sunglasses c/o Crystal Cult // vintage belt // Ellie Backpack c/o Sole Society // Rachel Comey Dekalb Platforms c/o Shopbop

Dust was everywhere as we trudged along the road to get back to the shuttle. My Rachel Comey platforms threatened to break my ankle with every uneven step in the sand - this is a polo field after all and the intricate road system that will lead out the 100,000 attendees over the weekend are accustomed to seeing equestrian traffic rather than impractically dressed concert goers. 


It had been a long day that started off rocky - perhaps we had been too overzealous the day before at the pre-Coachella pool party we attended. Chromeo was djing, it was hard not to get into the spirit of things. 

We had started off Day 1 very slowly by leisurely getting ready to go to the MAC x Mia Moretti pool party. I sipped on water and took in the crazy scene unravelling around us at the Ingleside Inn . Here's a photo of a hungover Sandy struggling to keep it together. Katy Perry, Jeremy Scott, Johnny Wujek, Kate Nash, PATRICIA FIELDS. We managed to find some other Canadians from Vancouver who worked with friends we knew.... that's how I party in Palm Springs. 


We arrived at the shuttle only to jump off last minute when we received the call: there's a party at the Riverside County Fairgrounds and by luck of knowing a friend of a friend we had managed to find ourselves on Ryan Phillippe's guest list. 

If you have ever been to Coachella, you know that leaving is the hardest part. Much like herding cattle, there is a maze of fences designed to keep everyone on track. As you can imagine, deciding to switch transportation options creates a whole new set of obstacles. Uber just happened to be even further along the property, through even more shifting sand that blows in the wind and sinks your feet. But we were determined. After an hour, we had finally secured a ride but not before seeing Nev from Catfish. (Stars, they take Uber just like us!). 

Tour busses and hired cars lined the street beside the fair ground parking lot. We strutted up to the vip section to collect our wristbands, as if we knew what we were doing and luckily, we were actually on the list. The fear mixed with thrill is what most of this weekend is about for me. 

Oblivious to what time it was, we danced to the tunes Samantha Ronson was providing for a little while before we got bored and decided it was time to call it a night. I guess Paris Hilton had made the same decision, as she was leaving with her security team at the same time - she was the party host we later discovered. 

Photographs - Craig Volkerink // Sandy Joe
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