Top Shelf Spring

It's just becoming spring here in Edmonton and as with the changing of seasons, I like to switch up what's on my bathroom shelves. 


Shu Uemura 

Cleansing Oil Shampoo // Conditioner
You know how much I love cleansing my face and moisturizing with oil? This now extends to my hair as well. My desert damaged hair is loving the moisture this oil shampoo/conditioner duo are providing. 

Essence Absolue - Oil-In-Creme
When I do take the time to actually "do" my hair, this helps smooth it out the wayward frizzies (I have many).



Eau Thermale
I could mist myself all day... and since I work from home, I pretty much do. Stumped on a story? Time for a spritz. Photoshop taking 30 years to export a photo? Definitely spritzin' time. The possibilities are endless. Since it's natural spring water with no additives you can mist your eyes also, sounds a bit weird but when you suffer from allergies or get dry eyes on the regular, this is a saviour. 

I could go on about the scientific jargon behind this product but I'll save myself the trouble and link you to the details. All I know is that I started applying this to my nose and there has been a significant minimising of blackheads. At the end of the day, that's all I really care about. 

Mineral Lotion SPF 50+
Again with the jargon just click on the link. Since it's mineral based, it doesn't burn like other sunscreens if you happen to touch your eye by accident with sunscreen residue covered fingers (I do this quite frequently, it's a problem). It doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky and gross like most other sunscreens on the market. 


Make Up For Ever

Smokey Stretch Mascara
Mascara is usually the last thing I apply, if ever. My eyelashes are short and I sometimes don't think they deserve to even pretend they're better than they are, but in the off chance I wanna throw them a bone, THIS IS THE MASCARA FOR THAT. It has one of those prickly looking applicators that manages to individually target each lash, which for me is like four lashes. Seriously. 

Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer
I am terrible at sleeping and more often than not, I have crazy bags under my eyes. Somehow a blue primer magically erases this - it must be magic! Or more likely colour theory I learned back in fashion school. Either way, blue cancels out bags and green cancels out redness, those are the facts!

MAC is Beauty

Fluidline in Ivy
Sometimes I like to add a little green eyeliner into the mix just to pretend I'm Poison Ivy a la Batman.... or maybe I meant the Riddler. Either or. Spring is about blooming plants so this totally works on that level as well.

Beauty Powder in Alpha Girl
I keep my cheeks looking naturally flushed with this perfect peach "beauty powder" I assume it's blush. Right?

Lipstick in Notice Me
From what I can tell, lilac is going to be a big colour this spring/summer, especially for the lips and MAC is my #1 go-to for the vivid lipstick shades. It's a light lustre which will do but I secretly wish it were matte.



Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial
A face scrub with water activated vitamin c - the perfect amount of grit without feeling like your sanding your face off. With that said, this should be used every three days as no healthy epidermis needs to be scoured off everyday. 

Clarimatte Clarifying Lotion
Normally I am a huge Thayers Witch Hazel supporter (and I still am) but I'm pleased to say that amongst the coveted position of 'favourite toner' this ties with the former. It's alcohol free, which is my first and foremost concern; there is no need for alcohol to be an ingredient in skincare ever, and it leaves my skin tingly with an almost citrus/minty smell.

Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream
This is a light daytime cream I like to put on before sunscreen; it's an excellent base, and like most REN products it smells delightful. 

Keep Young & Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot
When I first read the label I thought it said "body shot" I wonder what that says about me? This is a little gooey in substance but dries quickly and leaves your face feeling tightened... kind of like when you were in elementary and put glue on your hand - similar feeling. I think that means it's working.

Rose 012 Moisture Defence Oil
If we haven't already covered how much I like to cover myself in oil excessively, then I have not been laying this fact on thick enough. I have a pretty normal to sensitive skin type and I find that oil, this one in particular, helps keep it super soft.

Photographs - Sandy Joe
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