Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen


Remember that Baz Luhrmann song? Makes me cry without fail every time I hear it because I'm essentially my mother and she cries over romantic comedies so I really had no hope. I digress, the song's title is what we're really focusing on today - not my inability to stay dry-eyed over sappy things. 

Sunscreen is essential and though I'm getting better about wearing it year round, summertime is a non-negotiable. I like to maintain a "wardrobe" of sunscreen on hand for every situation.



Arbonne Liquid Sunshine  
SPF 30 // Water Resistant
This should be the first layer after washing/toning. It's water/sweat resistant for 80 minutes and sinks in quickly without leaving a residue (which is my biggest peeve for facial sunscreen). It's a normal sunscreen type smell and bonus: it's vegan. (Question: What makes a sunscreen vegan?)

Avene Haute Protection Tinted Compact
SPF 50 // Water Resistant 80 Minutes
This is an easy product to stash in your bag and whip out throughout the day. It's similar to a concealer compact except it has SPF and isn't cakey at all.

Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Lip Balm
SPF 15
Coconut Flavour
It is so easy to forget the lips, but they need coverage as well especially in direct sunlight. AND IT TASTES LIKE COCONUTS! I'm sold.



Alba Botanica Sunscreen
SPF 45 // Water Resistant
Lavender Scent
This one wins out on smell for sure. It's my everyday sunscreen because it sinks in quickly and doesn't have an ashy residue - this is key if you wear a lot of black in the sunnier months.

Avene Very High Protection Sunscreen Lotion
SPF 50 // Water Resistant 80 Minutes
I love that this is a mineral sunscreen and that a little goes a long way. This is relegated to sports and pool use only. It leaves an ashy residue behind which is due to the fact that the mineral sunscreen doesn't absorb into your skin but rather sits on top which, if you're weirded out by absorbing things into your body, this is the sunscreen for you! 

Avene High Protection Spray
SPF 50 // Water Resistant 40 Minutes
This is a lotion spray so it's not oily but it definitely needs to be spread (not as convenient as an aerosol version). Good coverage, no residue. 

ROC Soleil Protection 
SPF 30
This is my truly lazy day sunscreen, bless aerosol cans! When I'm strapped for time I will do a full body mist with this (it's a bit oily but sinks in quickly) then throw it in my bag to put on another layer later. Bonus: it's paraben free!


And finally here's a song that'll make me cry: Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen

Photographs - Sandy Joe
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