Folk Festin'


OUTFIT jacket - vintage // silk tank - c/o Joe Fresh // shorts - Acne Studios // shoes - c/o VANS // sunglasses c/o Toms // bag - c/o Sole Society 

Nursing a very painful hangover courtesy of my best friend Cecily from a wild weekend in Toronto, I flew back to Edmonton with just enough time to change and walk to the festival. All in the name of J. Lew. 

I don't have a pastel airbrushed nudie suit so I threw on my best tie dyed piece, an army surplus jacket I got when I was in elementary school and managed to death grip hang on to well into adulthood despite never really wearing it anywhere ever. Getting outfit shots was next to impossible with the spirited children enjoying their full Folk Fest experience thus enhancing mine tenfold by the hilarity of the situation. 

Jenny Lewis was wearing her finest pastel power suit to a relaxed Sunday crowd. The Voyager, an album that has been the soundtrack to my spring, summer, and soon to be fall made up the majority of her performance. Playing such hits as "She's Not Me" and "Head Underwater" (my two favourites) I was in rapture the entire time. My only regret is not getting there sooner to purchase a rainbow Voyager towel which would have only made this #summerofsandy even better. 

Photos - Michael Borchert // Sandy Karpetz
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