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I know some of you might be wondering why on earth I would have sold my loft and made myself temporarily homeless. This isn't some soul searching wanderlust breakdown but rather a calculated decision. While the location was superb and the space was amazing, the surrounding area which was once designated as a warehouse district has been rezoned. I originally moved in with the intention of staying briefly and "flipping" it, the rezoning just helped expedite the process for me.  

I enjoyed instagraming/snapchatting it to no end and that sadly came to an end when I said goodbye to  the space in the middle of August and took off for the coast. It was 4 am the morning of our departure date when we finally made it to bed after having moved ten thousand pounds of the most ridiculous vintage finery among other oddities. With such little storage space, I certainly crammed every drawer to the brim. 

Currently, I am "homeless" and not exactly sure what's next but I'm confident I will be fine. Normal people wouldn't put themselves through this but my parents have reminded me that doing things that the average person would not want to (aka moving with only two weeks notice) is how you get ahead financially in the long run. My parents definitely have their act together so I know their advice is valuable.

In the meantime, here are some satisfying before/after photographs of the loft (I realize now that I did a rather poor job documenting ALL of the nooks in their glory).  


I'll keep you updated on my search for the next perfect project - check out my snapchat if you want live feed property tours as I continue the hunt: sandy.joe. On another note, I've also been going pretty hard on Pinterest with home inspiration - check that out HERE.

Photographs - Sandy Karpetz
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