Period Party


Last week one of my good pals (whom you might recognize as one half of the decadent Moonshine Doughnuts duo) Simon Underwood helped host an event fundraiser aptly named Period Party. One of the most needed items at the Food Bank are feminine hygiene products and yet they're one of the least donated. 

Armed with a bulk box of tampons (because we all know how much I adore Costco-sized items),  I was delighted to see the turn out and overwhelming support for this cause. Yellowhead Brewery provided the ideal location, the silent auction was stacked with covetable items, and the donation box was bursting with tampons, pads, and Diva Cups. When events like this happen and they're put on by people you know, you can't help but feel proud of the small changes being made in this city. 

For more information about the organization check out their site here or donate here. Because no one should have to choose between food and tampons. Period.

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