TGI Black Friday


OUTFIT - glasses - Komono | Cheshire Cat Disney sweater - VANS | coat - c/o Banana Republic | cords - Joe Fresh CrossIron Mills | blue blue suede boots - Shelly's London via Little Burgundy - CrossIron Mills | pink suede boots - Timberland via Little Burgundy - CrossIron Mills | clutch - Danier Leather -  CrossIron Mills | stacking rings - CC Ruth 

Thank god it's Black Friday guys. I don't live in the states but I kind of love that Canada decided to hop on this sale bandwagon; isn't commerce so exciting? I've managed to purchase a bunch of shoes (two pairs of which I can no longer wear since it has snowed) and some sensible clothing items (see black cords), and hopefully I'll be upgrading my phone momentarily. 

I drove down to Calgary to check out CrossIron Mills pre-BF and the sales were already beginning to roll out. Those baby blue suede shoes were only $30 and the Timberland's I've coveted on Pinterest forever were an additional 20% off as well. Truth be told, I went there with the intention of purchasing a ghillie suit (google it) but Bass Pro Shop didn't have the colour I was dreaming of. Le sigh. I think I did pretty well anyhow. 

Photographs - Michael Borchert
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