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Nothing is more shocking than realizing how much time you spend sitting in a given day. I was sent the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker which, admittedly, I was hesitant to integrate into my daily routine. I had a suspicion I spent a decent chunk of time parked in front of my computer.... but I had NO IDEA I banked 10 hours sitting in a given day. The numbers I was presented with were shocking. 


During the daytime, the watch would buzz after a certain amount of inactivity. It's much easier being held accountable for your day when you have a reminder on your wrist telling you if you've met your activity quota - which I was only able to do after going to the gym for an hour. (You can set your activity goals when first registering your account). It definitely has pushed me to put in more effort to move around frequently, whether it be a quick one (like trying to learn the dance to Justin Bieber's Sorry video) or actually going to the gym.


It's even waterproof! I was able to enjoy a dip while logging my heart rate and amount of calories burnt. You're able to choose the type of activity you're engaging in and the A360 will record the workout. If you aren't logging any training, the watch is still tracking your amount of steps, calories burnt, and miles walked. 


Sure its technological features are wonderful and useful, but it's also encased in an aesthetically attractive design. The silicone bracelet is interchangeable and available in an array of fun colours - I rotate between white and black.


Through bluetooth, the A360 synchs with my iPhone and I'm able to quantify my days immediately on the Polar Flow app. I have discovered I'm borderline sleep deprived most evenings (though I managed to sneak in 8 hours one night). I thought I knew myself but this watch has completely schooled me on all my bad habits. 

The Polar A360 is available at the Running Room and Sport Chek

Photographs - Michael Borchert
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This post was sponsored by Polar Canada. All opinions are my own.

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