The Hangover Cure


As the year comes to a close, we are confronted with the age old debate: stay in bed watching Netflix or ring in the new year in a drunken stupor with people you only half-like while failing to get a cab for hours post-midnight. If you've decided to try your hand at the latter option, here are some tips for a less painful January 1st.



Point blank: alcohol dehydrates you. If you're anything like me and won't leave the house without a water bottle, this isn't as crucial because you're aware of your water intake. If it's not something you consider on a daily basis, then an electrolyte supplement is your best friend. Bonus points for adding this to your cocktails throughout the evening.


Milk Thistle

When you get drunk, you're essentially poisoning yourself and your poor liver is left to clean up the mess you've created within your body. Get your liver in high functioning mode with a bit of milk thistle. Add to water pre and post party binging. 


Calm Ionic Magnesium Citrate Powder

Aside from poisoning your body, alcohol also depletes you of many essential nutrients (magnesium being one of them). Add this to your milk thistle drink for a double whammy. 

- Vitamin C is also depleted while drinking. Consider adding a chewable tablet to this routine -


Peppermint Tea

This a morning after step that both soothes a sore throat (presumably you have been yelling over loud music) as well as settles your stomach. 


If home isn't your final destination and you don't want to carry a tote bag of remedies, here are some on-the-go options. Party Smart pill is supposed to be taken during your first drink or sometime while you're drinking (the instructions are very vague but results are favourable). Small electrolytes to go, add to your cocktails or to your pre-bed glass of water.


If I've missed any remedies your swear by, please do comment below. And if you find that any of these tricks work for you, definitely let me know! These rituals have been developed by my pal Cecily and I over the years. 

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