ON THE ROAD | West Coast


Road trip - the phrase alone elicits a mind montage of summertime memories: warm nights, gas station snacks, lost sunglasses, and an accompanying soundtrack.  The way your backseat becomes both a bed and a garbage bag. Last August I drove out west with Mike to visit old friends, eat a bunch of seafood, and enjoy some island time. On the way there, I discovered my car had an alarm when we mistakenly set it off while sleeping in the backseat. We checked out Science World, Stanley Park, Guu, and Tacofino. Gabriola Island was the hippie dippie dream portion of the trip. Everyday we went to Mad Rona's for internet and Rhubarb Rose slushies then walked the shoreline debating over broken glass vs sea glass - there's a fine line! I can't wait to go back.  

Photographs - Michael Borchert | Sandy Karpetz
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